Welcome to Ben 121 Photography website where you will find photographs of Ben Irvin-Howard's! Ben Irvin-Howard has done many different types of photography ranging from fine-art to portraits. The slideshow to the right is just a small sampling of his work, visit the galleries for more photographs. You can find more at his JPG Magazine page.

Ben Irvin-Howard is also the Director of Photography for Progressive Press, where you can see some of his other photographs and an occassional article, such as his first article What Can Be Said About A Photograph and most recent article, The Debate Over Digital Photography Part I & The Debate Over Digital Photography – Part II

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Frisbee with a Splash!

Photography 1

Swim Until You Can't See Land

Photography 2

Night Gazebo

Photography 3

Water Wash

Photography 5

The Path

Photography 4

The Winding Path

Photography 6

Bee Kisses

Photography 7

Fountain at Night

Photography 8

Magic Hour

Photography 9

Tears from the Sky

Photography 10